Welcome to Greenlight Crowdfunding! A new funding platform exclusively for the entertainment industry. If you are looking to get your project funded or to sponsor a new project, you have come to the right place. We officially roll out July 1, 2013.

What is Greenlight Crowdfunding?

You are a Creator.  You have a Dream.  That is a powerful combination!  When ignited with opportunity it literally cannot be stopped. That is why Greenlight Crowdfunding wants to help you achieve.

One of the most difficult steps in producing your project is funding the budget.  With our unique structure you can set an ending date for your crowdfunding campaign, or you can establish an ongoing campaign that will continue to fund your project over a period of time.  This “ongoing” feature is one thing that makes Greenlight Crowdfunding unique from other crowdfunding sites.

Whether you’re a dreamer with a story to tell, or a dreamer who believes in the dreams of storytellers, Greenlight Crowdfunding can connect you.  We are exclusively for the arts & entertainment industry.

The Internet opens up new types of movie-making, from traditional feature films, TV shows or miniseries, to the highly popular webseries format.  If you have aspirations as a writer or producer with a message you want to convey to people, the opportunities today are stunning.

Money is out there, you just have to connect to it, and that’s what Greenlight Crowdfunding is all about!

What sets Greenlight Crowdfunding a part from other crowdfunding websites?

1)      We are committed to keeping our funding fees lower than other crowdfunding websites, so you keep more of the funds for your production.  Greenlight Crowdfunding currently (during our roll-out period) only charges a 3 % fee on the funds you raise (fees do not include WePay’s transaction fees or any applicable charges).  In addition, all projects created before October 1, 2014 will not be charged our regular low platform funding fee of 4%.

2)      We promote you to Hollywood! We will highlight you and your project through a press release/blog on LA Film Industry examiner.com.  This type of promotion has proven itself to work for crowdfunding projects and we believe this will give you added success over any other crowdfunding website.

3)      We offer help.  We will make sure your campaign is created properly and with the best possible structure and focus.  While our templates are simple to use, we know creating your first campaign may be quite daunting.  In addition, we offer help with other project-relate items including: business plan creation, promotional videos, PowerPoint presentations, screenplay analysis, treatment & synopsis development, and consultation through our Studio.

4)    Are you close to your goal and just need a little more time to reach it?  At Greenlight Crowdfunding campaigns, you can get up to a 30 day extension on your campaign.    However, we recommend most campaigns run for 30 days but sometimes you need that little extra time.

Stay Tuned

Stay tune as Greenlight CROWDFUNDING is currently in the roll out stage and will be launching the platform in full force over the next couple months! In the meantime, be sure to follow our blog and keep up-to-date as we begin the roll out process and be sure to “create your project” now and start promoting.  It’s free to sign up, to create a campaign, and to contribute to a campaign. When your campaign raises funds, Greenlight Crowdfunding currently only charges a 3 % fee on the funds you raise. (Fee does not include WePay’s transaction fees or any applicable )  All projects created before October 1, 2014 will not be charged the regular 4% platform funding fee.

Greenlight Crowdfunding (a division of Nandar Ent)  is helping Independent Filmmakers, Artists, Gamers and Musicians achieve their dreams.

If you need help with any phases of creating your campaign, please visit our STUDIO information page.

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